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Bharti from Mumbai Escorts shares her online Dating Experience:-

While people who are in a relationship do not find it difficult to seduce their partners, things are a little complicated with singles looking for a date on the Internet. Truth is online dating is quite different from meeting someone in real life. Therefore, one must be thorough with the best online dating seduction strategies to hook up with the hotties. Here are a few tips.

Be confident: While chatting with singles on the Internet or exchanging friendly mails with them, you must sound confident. Your confidence and assertiveness is reflected in what you say and how you say it.

However, do not try to show-off and sound over-confident for it may cheese off your partner. The ‘know it all’ attitude is not sexy at all. Try to sound convincing though. Use subjects that grab your partners’ attention immediately and prompt them to shoot a prompt reply to you. That will help you raise the bars as far as the IQ (intrigue-factor) is concerned.

Have control: Saying that you are in control of things is one thing, but actually being in control is a different ball game altogether. Online dating may involve a lot of lies, fake profiles and phony profile pictures. However, if you are serious about someone and want to try the best seduction strategies on them, try to portray yourself as you are. Don’t let your online date catch you off guard.

Look good: As far as online dating is concerned, what one sees is what one wants. Therefore, try to put a mildly seductive profile picture of yourself, without bordering on the lines of sleaziness. The idea is to look sexy, not desperate. Attractive profile pictures of singles help them get the maximum responses from suitors. Groom yourself well and let other peep into your attitude, sex appeal, confidence and charm!

Be sexy: If you are into mobile dating or text dating try to sound sexy for your partner or send sensual or seductive messages to escalate their interest in you and form a highly desirable image of yourself. Do not sound over-sexed though as it will make you look desperate rather than serious about taking the other person out on a date. Indulge in casual word-play to kindle the interest of your partner.

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